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Equality Research Helsinki conducts research, reports and assessments on gender equality and diversity.


Environment and Gender

  • New Publication: Gender impact assessment of the upcoming Finland’s Climate and Energy Strategy was published in 16.9.2021. The report examines the gender impacts of the 101 policy measures proposed for the strategy. The policy measures mainly fall on male-dominated sectors, contain technical solutions that are of interest to men and have a greater impact on men’s consumer habits. Download the report written in Finnish with the English executive summary Gender Impact Assessment of the Finnish Climate and Energy Strategy, read news in English regarding its publishing on the website of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, or read my blog post in Finnish. The report was published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and conducted by a research team consortium including Oxford Research, Equality Research Helsinki, and Gaia Consulting.

Equality in Education

  • Ongoing: National research project on gender equality and diversity of research and teaching personnell in higher education. The project is funded by Ministry of Education and Culture, and coordinated by Demos Helsinki. It includes literature review, gathering and analysing of both quantitative and qualitative data, and a benchamarking with relevant countries. The project began in August 2021, I will add more information later!
  • Publication: Tanhua, Inkeri (2020) Report on the promotion of gender equality and non-discrimination in higher education institutions in Finland (in Finnish). Publications by the Ministry of Education and Culture 2020:20. In the report, I review the equality and non-discrimination plans drawn up by the Finnish higher education institutions. In addition to review, the report introduces some of the good practices presented in the plans. The report is published in Finnish with the English abstract by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Publication: Nason, Giulia, and Maria Sangiuliano (editors) (2020) State of the Art Analysis: Mapping the Awarding Certification Landscape in Higher Education and Research. The report was conducted in H2020 CASPER project coordinated by Smart Venice srl. I participated as a national researcher in mapping the awarding certification landscape on gender equality in higher education and research in Finland, as part of the European-wide state of the art analysis published by the project.
  • Publication: European Institute for Gender Equality (2020) Beijing +25: the fifth review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. The review is published by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), and the project was coordinated by ICF International. I participated as a senior researcher in reviewing the part that considers education in the review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States.

Lessons learned from the pandemic

  • Ongoing: H2020 RESISTIRÉ project funded under the topic SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020-2C of the European Commission H2020 Programme, which aims at tackling behavioral, social and economic impacts of the outbreak response. Project is coordinated by Knowledge and Innovation. Read more about the project in my blog post in Finnish or from the project website in English.